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Typhoon Ondoy Floods – Philippines Caught Unprepared

The recent typhoon named locally as Ondoy hit the Philippines with unexpected strength. Actually, the news I’ve read about it claims that the amount of rain is equal to twice that of hurricane Katrina in the United States.

Also, PAGASA mentioned that it may be considered the worst ever in our history so you can just imagine how terrible the experience was for the victims. I am living up north of Metro Manila so there was really no flooding in my area and adjacent locations.

But 80% of the Metro was actually drowned with floods as high as 3 meters in Marikina which I presume is badly hit. Although the news in GMA and ABS-CBN reported similar incidents in Pasig and eastern parts of Metro Manila, Marikina seems to have received the worst scenarios. I did not know that much of these disasters can happen overnight and we only saw them in the news Sunday morning since the whole day of Saturday September 26 was a total blackout due to widespread power outage. I hope you are all fine.  This footage from Youtube Typhoon Ondoy is just one proof of what our countrymen experienced during the ordeal.

The shocking events in the Philippines also sent some news abroad which lead to famous people donating and helping as much as they could. The Philippine National Red Cross, SSS, GSIS and even the staff of the Malacanang Palace arranged for some relief goods to be distributed to the victims. I heard based on the last counts there are 240 dead already. I hope this will never happen again only if the people will realize how nature tends to hit us back because of our abuse of it.Another low pressure area was seen east of the Philippines, let us all pray that about our safety.

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