Metro Manila in Wikimapia and Google Earth - Navigate Conveniently |

Metro Manila in Wikimapia and Google Earth – Navigate Conveniently

AlieNETed Change: Go to places you’ve never been before by using Google Earth or Wikimapia. No more road maps and the Ins and Outs of Metro Manila guide book.

Navigation in 7,107 island can be a pain especially if you are a interested to go to different places. Well as for me I am only confined in Metro Manila so I am very keen in knowing the streets and roads leading to places. Previously, I would use the Ins and Outs of Metro Manila handbook to get familiarized with a location if I need to go to a specific place. I am a mostly Northern creature so the places that I am familiar with are Fairview, Lagro Grotto, Bagong Silang, Whole of Quezon City, some parts of Manila (Quiapo, Hidalgo, City Hall, Roxas Boulevard), Mall of Asia, Malinta in Valenzuela and some parts of Ortigas and Cubao areas. Other than those place I’d be a lost soul. Now, there was a time when I need to pick up an item in Mayon District in the border of Quezon City and Manila and I was not really familiar with the place. What did I do? Well Wikimapia!
It is so amazing to see real pictures of locations from a bird’s eye view. Of course you already know that Wikimapia have some other
navigation features like street names and establishment names (contributed by users).
This worked out because I have already seen the map prior to going to the place. So I made sure to memorize the path that I was going to trek since I cannot bring my desktop computer when traveling, hello. I do not even want to bring along my laptop. So one drawback of this electronic navigation map is that you have to be online to browse through the site. But then again you may also try using your 3.5G phone and connect to the internet but I don’t suggest it since phone screens are too limited and you cannot probably download the map images as fast as a desktop PC would.

So the next time you go to unfamiliar places, check them out first using Wikimapia or Google Earth. It will save you time and energy.

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