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Sun Broadband Wireless Speed Problems – Capping is not Good for Subscribers

April this year I decided to subscribe to Sun Cellular Broadband Wireless service. The subscription requires you to purchase a USB dongle which serves as the antenna that you will attach to your desktop or laptop USB port. Back then it costs about P2000.00 but now they have reduced the price due to competition.

It was good to see that Sun Cellular, as a newbie network, is now able to participate in a competition together with the giants like Globe Telecoms and Smart Communications. By the way, SUN Broadband Wireless is offering only P799/month for the postpaid subscription, about P200 cheaper than Smart’s or Globe’s offering.

During the first month I was simply amazed with the speed of Sun Broadband’s Network. Previously I was receiving about 1.5 to 2Mbps using and of course you can only appreciate the true speed of an internet connection if you will use it to download files. Before, I was receiving Http download speeds of 120kb/s, about 5 times of what I had with my Smart Bro Canopy subscription. By the way I have decided to have it cut because I expected my Sun Broadband subscription to be enough for my needs, but I was wrong.

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By May of this year, there have been issues with the unsustainable burstable speed of SUN Broadband Wireless. People in one forum that I was participating in also noticed the drastic change. If I told you that I was receiving at least 1.5Mbps on the first month, the speed dropped to about 640Kbps or 0.64Mpbs. It may seem there is nothing to complain about but one of the more techie guys in the forum discovered something so frustrating. As you can see, SUN Broadband’s advertisements promise you to receive a burstable speed of 2Mbps. It means that you have a maximum allowance of up to 2Mbps if the situation permits it, say for example there are fewer users in your location or if  you are surfing during off-peak hours. All telecom companies that provide wireless internet service will not promise you of a fixed speed and they will simply give you the “up to XXX speed” term, meaning it is possible to reach “up to” that speed. However, SUN Broadband Wireless seems to have purposely limited the speeds of postpaid subscribers to only 640Kb/s (prepaid subscribers are suspected to have different speed allocation), some of my expert friends say this is what you call “capping”, it is a deliberate restriction of the possible speed that any subscriber would get from the base station of the network provider. So in effect, you will never be able to achieve the 2Mbps promise no matter what the conditions are. Even if you are using a particular cell site alone, you will still achieve only 640kbps. Now that is something of an issue when we consider truth in advertising. If you want to take a look at the frustrations of some postpaid subscribers who already know about the issue, you may take a look at this forum I frequently visit. There were even times when I can’t log in to my mail accounts due to very slow intermittent connection, this happened even if I had 640kb/s reading in


By June, I have decided to have my Sun Broadband cut since I am not under any contract with them. I just availed of the same technology that Smart Bro Share It is offering.  At least now I am satisfied with the speed of what I am paying for. With the same P999 a month, I do get consistent and reliable speed of 1 to 2 Mbps.

Things that you should know about Sun Broadband Wireless:

1. The service is restricted when it comes to P2P (peer to peer) file sharing (for example torrents) therefore you will not get good speeds if this is your primary purpose in subscribing.
2. As of this moment, postpaid speeds are still capped at 640kb/s.
3. Some prepaid subscribers claim they have way better speeds than   postpaid subscribers, according to the forum in
4. Customer service is good considering they can give results within a three day promise, well based on my experience.

5. The postpaid subscription is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest in today’s commercial offerings.

6. Ordinary browsing, searching and a little bit of streaming are still good.

7. You can still get decent page loads but sometimes, Youtube videos may keep on buffering, and that’s all you’ll get.

Today, I received a bill of statement from Sun reflecting the P595.00 balance I incurred before the termination of my account with them. I am now wondering if I should still pay this up considering the inconveniences it has caused me. Hmmmm….

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