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Use VGA port of Samsung LCD TV LA37A450C1

Have you ever dreamt of having a wide, I mean wide screen TV? Well my wish for a very long time suddenly came true a month ago when I bought a 37″ Samsung LCD TV.

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Previously I am contented with a small 21″ CRT TV set but when my Samsung arrived, I can’t help but marvel at the sleek design of the unit. Our living room suddenly became intimidating because of the prominent existence of my new “baby”. The model that I took from the local appliance Robinson’s Novaliches store is the LA37A450C1 version. I did not go for the Full HD models because they tend to be at the different range of models and the only advantage they have is the addition of more features which i do not really need. One example is the series 5 1080P full HD model which includes a USB port.
Anyway my LCD TV can also play 1080P resolution movies so there should be no problems. I took the 37″ Samsung HD ready at a cost of 54,000.00 pesos using my Citibank MasterCard at 0% interest for six months. It is quite a good deal considering that I previously checked over Samsung’s price list in their site pegged the same model at about 59,000 pesos. Back to the TV set, I noticed that there is a VGA port which can be used to play movies direct from a computer system or a laptop. I took the VGA cable from my desktop pc and connected it and tried playing a Spiderwick Chronicles movie file and it worked like a charm. You can easily see the difference of having an HD LCD TV especially when you spent your whole life having a CRT monitor for all viewing pleasures. The only problem in using the VGA port is that there is no sound output. Since VGA only supports video transfer, I have to turn on the laptop’s speakers to enjoy the movie. But then again this is just an additional feature of the LA37A450C1 which I assume is especially useful if you are only going to use the huge screen for surfing the internet or using it for presentations, something I do not need to do. But you can still have sound output using the laptop files if you have the right cable for it. There is an allocated jack near the VGA port in which you can plug a wire direct to your computer or laptop so that you can watch a movie with both video and sound outputs.
I will write another article later on for the instructions of what I did in the setup. Anyway, one of the real catch in getting a huge LCD TV is that you are somewhat “obligated” to upgrade your entertainment system to maximize the features of the TV.
In this case, it is suggested that you also purchase a video player that
can measure up to the features of the LCD TV which for some people, may be too demanding. Anyway since I was really in the mood for superior viewing pleasures, I also bought a Nextbase NB895 HDMI DVD player. HDMI by the way is a technology in which you can transmit digital data from a source to an output device. In this case the Samsung LCD LA37A450C1 has an HDMI port so all I have to do is to purchase a DVD player that also has the same output which the Nextbase NB-895 have. It is an additional 5900 pesos damage but I guess it is worth it. The main difference of an HDMI cable compared to a composite cable (the ones that come in red, white and yellow) is that the former transmits digital signal while the latter uses analog signal. In theory, analog signals are prone to distortions and that it can be a disadvantage converting a digital movie from digital to analog and then back to digital again to output to the LCD TV, somehow reducing the video and sound quality. Anyway, I tried playing an original Signs DVD movie and the outcome was fantastic. It was more than I could ask for. There is really a difference in watching a full High definition movie because you can clearly see even the pores and small hairs in the skin of the actors, something I never thought possible. Since then, I’ve been buying original DVD movies and is really satisfied with my Samsung LA37A450C1 LCD HD TV. It was everything I have hoped for a high quality TV. Next time I will talk about how to setup your laptop to view movies direct from your Hard Drive. I hope you enjoy this article. If you like this article, please leave a comment or subscribe.

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  1. my samsung LA37A450C1 MODEL screen is broken so i need to know the price, thanks

    Comment by wass — March 29, 2016 @ 9:19 pm

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