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Quezon City Science High School Exam Results – Quesci Exam Results

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Quezon City Science High School is one of the top secondary schools in the Philippines. Together Manila Science (1963) and Philippines Science (1964), they form the pioneering group of high schools that intend to uplift the status of science and technology in the country.


If you are planning to enter the halls of Quezon city science high school, you must know some details about the admission process. Take note that it has a very different approach in student admission as compared to other schools.

1. Before you can get an application form, you need to submit your Grade 5 card. The school will evaluate whether you are fit to take the exams. To qualify in getting a form, you should have an average of 85 for math, science and English, with 83 and above on all other subjects. Your general weighted average should be 85.

2. If you qualify to get a form, you may fill it out and prepare for the first exam which is similar to the format of DECS.

3. The second exam will contain the core subjects of Quesci where Math, Science and English are priorities.

4. The final exam is an interview. (The procedures are in this sequence so you have to pass the screening prior to the next one.)

Quezon City Science High School exam results are released about a month after the exams. Examination dates usually fall on the last quarter of every academic year. Visit or call the school admin if you need more info.

Quezon City Science High School phone numbers: 4250287, 9220739 or 4536619

School Address: Scientian Road corner Misamis Street, Barangay Santo Cristo, Quezon City


  1. There is a definite number of qualified students going to the second screening and final interview.

    Comment by riantalk — May 10, 2016 @ 9:56 pm

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