Philhealth Benefits – Philhealth Branch and Contact Phone Number

Philhealth is the government’s way of letting ordinary Filipinos get a quality healthcare plan. With a very affordable rates of premium, Philhealth benefits are among the best when it comes to HMO benefits.

The most common benefits from Philhealth are Benefits by subsidizing room and board when admitted in a hospital, discounts in drugs and medicines. You will also get subsidy for laboratory services and operating room fees. Of course the doctor’s professional fees are also discounted once you present your Philhealth card.
For example, when my dad needed to undergo colonoscopy, we used his Philhealth card and we received 30% subsidy for the original price of P18,000 colonoscopy at FEU NRMF hospital. The Doctor’s fee was also reduced down to 5000 pesos.
Who can avail Philhealth?
All Filipinos can have Philhealth. From voluntary members to Philhealth for OFWs. Philhealth for employees are a standard when you work for a company.
How much is the Philhealth premium? When I was still working for a well-known company, the yearly premium of Philhealth is 1,200/year.
Where is the main office of Philhealth? City State Centre Building 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City
What is Philhealth Contact Phone Number? +63(2)5216676 and 63(2)6379999
You can also pay Philhealth online through Philhealth Electronic Remittance. Get the Philhealth benefits today.

What types of medical coverage it provides? You can avail it for minor surgery like removing bible cyst or ganglion cyst. You can use it for diabetes lab diagnostics as well.

  • Anchovy

    na confine po ang mother ko sa Mediatrix lipa city unfortunately ang dami nilang hinihingi na papel pra magamit ang philhealth ko.. kaya suggestion nila refunds na lng dw.. Ngayon na meron n pong mga papeles galing sa opisina ko humingi namn po ng letter na explanation bakit dw late na mag file kasi ng refunds. Meron na din po kming pinasa. Tapos po meron po kming billing statement na paid po nmen lahat, nangyari nmn ung OR nmn ang hinahanap, hindi na po makita, Humingi p[o kmi ng kopya wala dw ,, pero meron po cla nun sa file,, bakit po ganun ayaw po bang hanapin ko ayaw nilang iprocess ang refunds? Arw arw pauli uli na po at pa isa isa nag hinihingi. Pwd nmn po kming kumuha ng lkopya ng OR dahik meron pong OR # dun sa statement of account namen at date, bakit sabi nila wala… Pwd po bng tulungan nio kmi, possible pa bng makita un? kasi un n lng dw wala… Malaki po ang binabayad ko sa Philhealth ko 750p every month, khit minsan kpg my naospital po hindi man lng cia nagamit… Kawawa nmn po kming mga nagbabayad, wala kming palya sa pagbabayad pero kpg gagamitin na wala……

  • riantalkscomment

    Pwede naman, pero usually parent muna before siblings.

  • Leticia sala

    how many days thus it take you to have the reimbursement?

  • Maria Theresa G. Flores

    M y sister in law endorsed her papers for her Philhealth refund just yesterday, when can she claim her refund?