Sun Give Share a Load, Smart Pasaload, Globe Share a Load Commands |

Do you want to pass some free cellphone mobile credits to your friends and loved ones? If you need to do pasaload by Smart, Sun cellular give a load and Globe, then you need to know the basic commands.

You can now transfer load to other cellphones using these Sun Cellular Give a load, Smart Pasaload and Globe Share a load commands.

Sun Cellular Give a load pasaload command
Text [amount (P1- P20)] space [cellphone number recipient] and send to 2292

Smart Pasaload command
Text [cellphone number recipient] space [amount] and send to 808

Globe Share a load pasaload command
Type load amount for example 300, send it to the number of the recipient. Before you send, type “2” before the number for example “2917XXXXXX”. Remove the first 0.

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