Bank Hotlines and Customer Service Number

Do you have a question about your bank account? Have you recently lost your credit card or ATM card? How about your current bank account balance? Well, even if you have a low interest credit card coming from Citibank or BDO and BPI, you still need to maximize the service they provide. Now, a good call center should serve us up with all our credit card and savings account problems that’s why a list of numbers is necessary.

Now, you can call your bank hotlines through the list that I will provide below. We all know how frustrating to have a bank account problem during weekends, in the middle of the night (internet banking transactions) or even holidays. These moments do not permit us to talk to our bank officials. But with the availability of bank hotlines or bank customer service numbers, you can easily contact them. Here is the list:

Allied Bank Customer Service Phone Hotline Number –  816-5575 for Metro Manila, 1-800-10-816-3331 for domestic provincial calls


Banco de Oro Number BDO Customer Service Number – 6318000

BDO Email Customer Service –

BDO Credit Card Hotline – 6318000

BDO Toll Free Customer Hotline

1-800-10-631-8000 for PLDT landline
1-800-3-631-8000 for Digitel landline
1-800-8-631-8000 for Globe landline
1-800-5-631-8000 for Bayantel landline

BDO International Customer Hotline +800-8-6318000

Bank of the Philippine Islands BPI hotline Number – 89100


Bank of Commerce Phone Number – 8120000


BPI Savings Current And Credit Card Hotline Numbers

BPI Toll Free Customer Service Number – 1-800-188-89100

BPI Email Customer Service –

BPI Customer Service for Mobile Phone  + 63 + 2 + 89-10000


China Bank Customer Service Phone Number – (632) 885-5555


Eastwest Bank Customer Service Number – 888-1700 or trunkline 575-3888 and 870-3500

Eastwest Bank Toll Free Domestic Number – 1-800-10-822-2377


HSBC Customer Service Hotline Number And Credit Card Phone – (02) 85-800
(632) 976-8000 or 1-800-888-0000* (for PLDT lines)


Landbank of the Philippines Number – 450-7001


Metrobank Hotline Number – 58000 or 8988701, 8700-700

Metrobank CustomerServiceDomestic Number – 1-800-1888-5-800


RCBC Hotline Number – 877-RCBC

RCBC Domestic Toll Free Numbers- 1 – 800 – 10000 – 7222


PNB Hotline Number Customer Service – 573-8888

PNB Customer Service Email –


PS Bank (Philippine Savings) Bank Customer Service Number – 845-8888


Robinsons Bank Hotline Customer Service Number – (632) 637-CARE (or 2273)


Security Bank Phone Number Customer Service – (632) 867-6788


UCPB Hotline Number – 811-9111


Unionbank of the Philippines Customer Service Number – 84186 or 841-8600 (for PLDT)

Unionbank Toll Free Domestic Number – 1-800-1888-2277 (for PLDT)

Unionbank International Number – +800-8277-2273


Veterans Bank Customer Service Phone Number – 902-1600, 902-1700, 857-3800


Now you have the list of the bank customer care numbers. Dial them today if you have a question with your accounts. For credit cards like citibank or psbank, you may need to get in touch with their trunkline first.

  • riantalkscomment

    Hi Kathrina,
    I am sorry but I do not have any info about your concern. Please call BPI directly.

  • riantalkscomment

    Hi Jane,
    I’m glad this post was helpful. However, Allied does not have a specific toll free number for Globe or Smart, you can simply use the 1800 one. Good luck.

  • Jane Lanes

    Thank you for this good post. It helped me alot in unlocking my online acct with BDO. May I ask if you have Allied Banks’ toll free number for globe lines outside metro manila? Or Allieds’ toll free number for Smart mobile? Hope you can help me out! thanks!

  • kathrina

    hi good afternoon, my concern ako about US visa payment. Nabasa ko kc sa site nila na starting Sept. 01, 2012, deposit slip should be printed out before paying.. and then after nung payment my ibbgay na Customer copy txka ung receipt. I paid US visa last August 31, 2012 and receipt lang binigay sa akin. is it ok na ung lang ipresent sa US embassy during my interview?? or should i go to BPI para magkaroon nung Customer”s copy? thank you

  • Grace

    What happen to my credit card? If i use in store they said card error,then i try to booked a ticket it’s declined! Please check my bpi credit card if whats the problem?