Globe Gcash Outlets in Metro Manila – Send Receive Money Remittance Through Globe Gcash

One of the best things about cellphones is that you can send and receive money thru text. One great example is the globe gcash facility. You can now send money remittance to anywhere using globe gcash.

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Of course, it is also possible to receive money through this channel. What need to do is to go to a globe gcash outlet, fill out the form and send your money. A text message will be sent to the recipient for pick up. But the real cool thing is globe gcash outlets are enormous. They are all over the country. Here are the globe gcash outlets regions for you. All of these cities are covered in either 7-11 outlets gcash and Villarica Gcash Pawnshop outlets.
Globe Gcash Outlet Quezon City
Globe Gcash Outlet Manila
Globe Gcash Outlet Caloocan Kalookan
Globe Gcash Outlet Makati
Globe Gcash Outlet Pasig
Globe Gcash Outlet San Juan
Globe Gcash Outlet Taguig
Globe Gcash Outlet Valenzuela
Globe Gcash Outlet Marikina
Globe Gcash Outlet Las Pinas
Globe Gcash Outlet Malabon
Globe Gcash Outlet Pateros
Globe Gcash Outlet Pasay
Globe Gcash Outlet Paranaque
Globe Gcash Outlet Mandaluyong

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