NBI Clearance Centers – Where To Get NBI Clearance Phone Number

The Most Updated NBI Clearance Article. An NBI clearance is a necessary document if you are going to apply for a job. As you know, many companies both giving online jobs and jobs abroad are requiring a clearance from the police. If you want to work abroad and look for Canada jobs, US jobs and Europe jobs, then you need to secure a clearance.

AS OF October 25, Here is an updated list of NBI Clearance centers:


NBI Central Luzon Regional Office

NBI Central Visayas Regional Office

NBI Eastern Visayas Regional Office

NBI Western Visayas Regional Office

NBI Southeastern Mindanao Regional Office

NBI Northeastern Mindanao Regional Office

NBI Dagupan District Office

NBI Cordillera Administrative Regional Office

NBI Cagayan Valley Regional Office

NBI Caraga Regional Office

NBI Legazpi District Office

NBI Sarangani District Office


NBI Clrearance Accepted ID – You may see the accepted IDs for NBI clearance application HERE.

For more info, call the NBI Clearance Hotline Number

523-8231 loc 4466/4467

If you do not have NBI hit, you will proceed to releasing.

What are the fees for NBI clearance or how much NBI clearance fees payment are applied? As of July 12 2010, here are the NBI clearance fees.

Where can we find the NBI clearance centers and NBI clearance branches location? The nearest NBI clearance kiosks are already listed above. However, there are some centers that are only accessible within certain cities. Some regions only have one clearance centers.


Can I apply for an NBI clearance even when I am abroad? How about renewal? Yes you may provided that you have the original previous copy. However, renewal is currently not allowed since the agency is having problems with database.


How long and how many days before the NBI clearance is released? Previously, you can get your clearance on the same day, if you do not have a “hit”. However, the current situation will simply “let you know” when you can pick up you clearance. It is possible to pick up the clearance by a representative with an authorization letter and the applicant’s ID.


Can we apply for NBI clearance online? This is the goal of the NBI in the long term but currently it is not yet available. That’s why many people are frustrated in getting the clearance.


Is there an appointment needed to get an NBI clearance? Unlike other agencies, you can go there as a walk-in applicant. Get a number and fall in line. Some centers permit the use of numbers the other day if you were not able to reach the quota for the day. For senior citizens, it is advised for them to be accompanied by a reliable person.


The opening of NBI clearance centers has changed due to enormous number of applicants. Still, you can fall in line before 7AM. On the other hand, try to apply for a clearance on lenient days like Tuesday to Wednesday. But there is no guarantee that the people will all be accommodated. NBI clearance centers are closed during holidays and weekends which includes Saturdays and Sundays.

Details from www.nbi.gov.ph

Note: If you have a work at home job or if you are applying for freelance online jobs, a clearance from any local agencies may no longer be needed. You can work from home using a computer and you will have special arrangements from online job companies. On the other hand, jobs abroad sometimes require them.

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    Yes, you simply need to apply for a new one. You may disregard the old copy.

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    ah.. ok … so back 2 zero… i need 2 bring all the requirements listed here…thanks for this info..

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    wala nang renewal ngayon, lahat ng applicant need to process a brand new clearance.

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    They have to verify it and you will probably have to wait longer until you are cleared. They will inform you when to come back.

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    sbi mu pa…actually kulang nlang skin NBI clearance, kya lng na sched aq almost 1month p bgo makuha, eh 1week lng ung paluget nila skin para sa submission ng requirements q for employment na..eh ndi nman pwd ung receipt lng, kya mngyayari apply nnman!! haist, alang awa..:(

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    Bring a copy and the original of your birth certificate. I suggest you also get a postal ID from your city hall.

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    wla po akong id khit ano, pwede  po b ung birth certihicate

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