Philgeps Registration Online – Procurement Service

Do you want to become a supplier of equipments to government projects? Many local governments will require you to secure a Philgeps account. Philgeps registration is required so that you will have full access to different projects of the government and see what they need. This way, you will also have an info in the database so that future projects will have a list of suppliers and contractors. So what is the Philgeps phone number? You can simply register at Philgeps online. Philgeps is a project of the Department of Budget Management Procurement Service. Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System Service.

  • allen

    how about no previous income?

  • allen

    hi, how about no previous income?

  • riantalkscomment

    You simply need to register online and they will generate a number for you. Please prepare all necessary requirements before applying online.

  • Bernolimontenegro

     hi good pm how can i register philgeps?im a contractor it require philgeps.