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Call Barring for Cellphone Calls – Smart and Globe Call Barring Features

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One thing that makes prepaid cellphone annoying is when someone calls you for no reason at all. They are just there to annoy people. However, there is one thing that you can do to keep those pesky people out. This is by activating the call barring feature of your mobile phone. What is call barring?


This is a feature for many GSM and 3G phones. You can use this to filter a particular number from calling you. It is possible because your network will be able to adjust your preferences.

How do you activate call barring for Globe prepaid or call barring for Smart Buddy? Previously, it is a feature that you can activate yourself. However, you need to contact the Globe and Smart customer service hotline to have it activated for your sim card. On the other hand, Sun Cellular call barring is also possible for text. You can prevent anyone from texting you for a minimal fee per month.

What phones have call barring? Iphone call barring, Nokia call barring, Motorola call barring, Samsung call barring and Sony Ericsson call barring are all pre-installed in hardware.

If you need your privacy protected, activate call barring in your cellphone now.

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