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Latest Laptop Pricelist – Laptop Price List And Netbooks Prices

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Are you searching for the latest laptop pricelist? If you are planning to get a brand new or second hand laptop, you can get an updated list here. The updated and latest price list for netbooks and laptops in the Philippines are hard to find. That’s why this page will be updated daily for you to get the freshest info on laptop pricelist in the Philippines. * Do not forget to bookmark this page or visit us daily to get the latest prices for laptops.


As of November 3 2011

Acer Notebook/Netbook Latest Price List

Acer AspireOne AO522-C5Ckk – 12800 pesos
Acer AspireOne AO522-C58kk – 14900
Acer Aspire AOD257-N578Q – 18300
Acer Aspire AOHAPPY2-N578Q – 18300
Acer AS4739Z-P612G50MIKK – 20500
Acer Timeline AS1810TZ – 19000
Acer AS1551-32B2G25N – 19000
Acer AS4553G-N832G32Mn – 2200
Acer Aspire AS4750Z-B942G64Mn – 2500

HP Notebook/Netbook Latest Price List
HP Mini 110-3547 (Sonoma Red) – 18950
HP Mini 110-3549 (Black) – 18950

Lenovo Notebook/Netbook Latest Price List
Lenovo Tablet K1 Tablet price – 22500
New Lenovo S10-3-N455 – 11500
Lenovo S10-3 N550 – 13200
Lenovo S100 N570 – 1400
Lenovo G475 (590-66023) – 19500
Lenovo R61 (7732-CTO) ThinkPad – 18000

Asus Notebook/Netbook Latest Price List
Asus 1015PX-BLK039W – 13700
Asus 1215B-BLK024W – 18700
Asus 1008P-BRN026S – 26900

MSI Notebook/Netbook Latest Price list
Msi Wind U230x-MVXP – 13200
Msi Wind U135DX-XP – 13200
Msi Wind U230x-DCXP – 15200
Msi Wind U135DC-LiteW7 – 16000
Msi Wind U160DC-LiteW76 – 17500
Msi Wind U270x-E35 – 19500

These latest notebook and netbook prices in the Philippines are subject to change without prior notice. You should bookmark our page to get  updates whenever info is available.

Some of the laptops are available using your credit card like Citibank, BDO and BPI cards so you can avail the 0% interest. You can purchase laptops with 3, 6 and 12 months zero interest rates from stores like Villman, Compex, Electroworld and others located in SM Cyberzone stores.

You may also view the second hand laptop price list for a budget friendly purchase. Some 2nd hand laptop price are half of the brand new notebook price. On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying your laptop vs tablet computer vs netbooks, you may read our previous articles on the advantages of getting any of them. Apparently, some people can get much cheaper tablet computers with the same specifications as those of stand alone laptops.


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