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Why I am Starting to Hate Facebook

Swerte Ka Ba Today?

Previously, I posted an article about how Facebook actually ruins ones life. Now, I am confident that soon enough, it will do the same graceful exit of Friendster, well uh, remember that site where you receive stupid testimonials? Well, Facebook will have similar experience thanks to its uncontrollable vanity kit features for members.


What I hate about Facebook is it feeds vanity to members. People are posting pictures of nonsense things like food they eat, places they went to and all sorts of ridiculous matters.

Next, these same people will comment on your Wall or pics and posts with all the mixture of nonsense blurbs and Like. They are not even serious.

Third, some people will use Facebook to sell anything. From colognes to used laptops, they will tag you on their posts and they are so annoying.

This one article from tech Crunch titled Great Moments In Tech Punditry: The Day Facebook Lost Half Its Value is a sure sign that Facebook is not doing any better. In fact, I went back to my Yahoo Messenger and have it online again instead of that dragging Facebook chat box.


  1. I also despise those who tagged me on commercial products. That’s why I don’t publicize my tagged photos because it’s full of crap. Other would even dare to tag you on your photos where you haven’t comb your hair. I guess the people themselves are what turns Facebook into a less productive site.

    Comment by Gian Faye — March 3, 2011 @ 3:30 am

  2. Ok pa rin yung facebook for communication purposes, pero nakakainis lang talaga yung mga addicted sa Facebook na dinadamay nila tayo sa addiction nila hehe.

    Comment by riantalk — March 3, 2011 @ 1:24 pm

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