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Ipad 3 Globe Postpaid Plan Subscription – Ipad 3 Globe Prepaid

Swerte Ka Ba Today?

How much is the Ipad 3 Globe Postpaid Plan? If you are looking for some info about the current Globe Ipad 3 charges, it is important to know first the current features of Ipad 3. This is one of the best tablet computers in the market created by Apple. Basically, it can now run in 4G network. It means you can optimize the internet speed offered by globe and experience it on your Ipad 3.



Ipad with wi-fi 16Gb – P21990 (Plan 999) or P29990 (Plan 499)
Ipad with wi-fi 32Gb – P25990 (Plan 999) or P34990 (Plan 499)
Ipad with wi-fi 64Gb – P30990 (Plan 999) or P P39990 (Plan 499)

All plan 999 have unlimited internet browsing for Ipad 3 while the plan 499 has up to 292 hours of surfing time.

How long is the lock in period for Globe postpaid plans?

The lock in period for both Ipad 3 plans is 24 months under Globe contract.

How much is Globe Ipad 3 Postpaid plan for the unit? Currently, Ipad 3 is pegged at $599 which is more than 24,000. However, we expect to have this lowered by Smart or Globe if you are going to avail of the data plan. Usually, Ipad 3 free unit is offered as long as you will avail of the data plan exceeding 2000 per month or more.

On the other hand, you may also want to buy other Globe postpaid plans like the Samsung Galaxy tablet from Globe or even the Blackberry Curve plans that also lets you surf the internet unlimited.

Other networks are now also offering Ipad and tablet PC plans like Smart. Smart Ipad postpaid plans are now available while the Samsung galaxy is now in the per-order status. Smart Iphone plans are also offered if you are interested with the Iphone 4.

Right now, Ipad 3 prepaid and postpaid plans for Globe are available are in the works but you can also now avail of the cheaper version of the Ipad 2 which is basically around 16,000 only. It comes with a Globe Micro SIM slot so you can easily surf the internet using your Ipad.

Of course, it would be much faster if you could use the 4G connection offered by the Ipad3 but Globe postpaid plans are still not out. For the mean time, Ipad 2 can work wonders because it is still using Globe Tattoo 3G connection if you are going to use broadband on a prepaid basis.

So are you excited to get your Ipad 3 from Globe? If you are looking for other good tablet pcs, you may also try looking at Globe Samsung Galaxy Postpaid plans. They are really affordable and almost have the same features as the Ipad. Samsung Galaxy tablet with Globe postpaid is ideal for normal day to day surfing and playing games. It also comes with a Globe micro sim that you can use to surf the internet over 3G network.

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