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Online Savings Account Banks – Opening An Online Savings Account

Swerte Ka Ba Today?

Do you want to open a savings account online? There is no need to go to a branch since there are institutions that offer online opening of savings accounts. Of course, it would be best to get a list of online savings account first so you have an option to choose the best one. Some of the banks listed here may come from various countries around the world so you should do a comprehensive research first before opening a savings account online with them.


What are online savings accounts?

Banks offer the option for anyone to open a savings account through the internet. Some of them will provide you with an application form online while some will let you do direct deposits online. If you are not comfortable in sending money right away to an online bank, do not proceed.

Bear in mind that opening a savings, current or checking account is best done at a bank branch. However, if you can find an online version of a true and reputable bank, then most probably your money is safe. We recommend that you first call the bank or do extensive research before dealing with any online banks.

Here is a list of online banks with online savings account

BPI Direct in the Philippines

Using the website, you can open a savings account or an investment account and then submit the form to the nearest branch. You can also access the Expressonline  website to see the requirements.

Citibank Savings Account

While Citibank is known for credit cards, they also offer savings account opening. You can process your application online by looking at the requirements.

As of Aug 2012, the interest rate of Citibank Online Savings Account is 2.5% per year for Peso (Php). This is basically one of the highest in the industry.

ICICI Bank of India

ICICI also offers an online savings account for its clients. It has an extensive ATM and Branch banking network so it should be a reputable institution. They offer regular savings account, silver savings account and Titanium Privilege Account just to name a few.

ING Direct Online Savings Bank

ING is one of the most popular insurance companies in the world. They also offer online savings account opening through the internet. The ING Online account can earn up to 0.80% interest per year, better than its competitors.

It is one of the only few online savings account with FDIC insurance of $250000 per depositor. There are no minimums when you open and account.


The bank offers various online savings platform for different customers. It also has a Fixed Rate Saver program where you can choose how y our interest is paid, monthly or annually.

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