Is BIR Open on Saturday And Weekend? – BIR Saturday Schedule for Tax Filing and EFPS

Are you going to transact with a nearby office of BIR? Usually, people are also looking for these offices in order to find the best way to settle their accounts. It could be about paying the ITR, paying for business tax, filing and tax and getting a tax clearance. In this case, some people are also interested in going to the office of BIR with Saturday or Sunday schedule.

List of BIR With Saturday Schedule, is it possible?

BIR is a government agency that only operates from Monday to Friday. In this case, most of the transactions can be done only in those days. For you to find a BIR with Saturday schedule is next to impossible since most government offices are closed during Saturdays and Sundays.

Tax Filing in BIR on Saturday

Take note that there were instances when BIR announced that they will have Saturday schedule operations especially if it involves filing the Income Tax Return. This is a rare occasion so you need to call the BIR contact phone number first to verify.

How To Apply for BIR Tax Clearance

You can apply for a tax clearance at any BIR office in the Philippines. There are certain requirements like paying for your delinquency accounts and filing the necessary attachments for the BIR payments or even EFPS receipts. Make sure to ask these documents first to complete your tax clearance requirement.

How Much is Tax Clearance of BIR

The specific price of tax clearance is available at the BIR office in your area.