List of Call Centers With Day Shift Jobs Opening – Day Shift Call Centers Philippines

Many new graduates will be looking for a call center job. While there are so many options, one should also consider getting a day shift call center job. This way, it is possible to be at home by night time especially those with kids or those who want to have a masters degree program. In the Philippines, there are day shift call center openings that you can apply for.

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What is the advantage of day shift call center jobs?

Most call centers in the Philippines cater to western countries like Canada and the US. However, it means that one will be working on a night shift or graveyard shift. This is not for everyone and you can find a good high paying call center job day shift today.

  • One can sleep at night
  • It is much healthier to have a day time job
  • Risks of becoming a victim of crimes are lesser
  • You can be with your family at night

While there are benefits in day shift call center jobs, one may also realize some disadvantages.

The salaries are lower compared to night shifts

One needs to endure traffic

One cannot have a part time job

List of Day Shift Call Centers

You can find many call centers in Metro Manila with day shift job openings. One tip would be to look for companies that cater to accounts based in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and even China.

How Much is Salary of Day Shift Call Center Job?

Since there are no night differential rates, you can expect it to be lower than those who work at night. You may be receiving the regular rate as with all other types of employees.

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